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Lucerne is the economic, social and cultural heart of central Switzerland.

It’s an old city that joined the Swiss Confederation in 1332 and is located 436m above the sea level.


Climate-wise the average is 25°C in summer and -3°C in winter. Thanks to the warm and often very dry winds called Föhn both the spring and autumn are nice and keep the temperature above the national standard. In the summer you can enjoy the Lake of Lucerne called Vierwaldstättersee .There are many events  taking place in Lucerne during the year. The most known one is carnival or Fasnacht in German.


It’s a well-known fact that Lucerne is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Mount Pilatus is the highest reaching peak at 2,132 meters. Mount Rigi is another famous mountain in the area. It reachs 1,797.5 meters at its peak and is served by Europe's oldest mountain railways.

The city of Lucerne is close a lot of nice skiing resorts and offers many acitivities during both the summer and winter seasons.   


Lucerne has 81,401 inhabitants with the vast majority of them speaking German while others speak English, French, Italian, Serbo-Croatian or Albanian.


If you want to go shopping, you will find a large variety of stores in the city. Click here to find a selection of the best shops in Lucerne.


Regarding transportation, Lucerne is an important hub for the train in Switzerland. Lucerne is served by the SBB (Federal states train company), the Zentralbahn and BLS.

The S-Bahn-Zentralschweiz is the regional network that allows you to navigate between the cities surrounding Lucerne. The bus and trolley lines are operated by the VBL (Verhkersbetriebe Luzern).


The closest airport is located in Zurich about 65 km away, but you can also use the Euro Airport located near Basel about 85 km from Lucerne.


In Lucerne you can enjoy really great food and many restaurants are available. You can also enjoy nice bars and cafés located all around the the city.

Lucerne is known for its famous monuments including the KKL (designed by the Architect Jean Nouvel), the Chapel bridge and many more. 

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