Athletics meeting Lucerne

Every summer in July close to 400 athletes from more than 40 countries come to Lucerne to compete in various track-and-field events. The meet takes place at Allmend stadium, which is a multi-purpose venue mainly used for football. As central Switzerland’s biggest sporting event there are over 10 million viewers that watch live on TV. In terms of classified track-and-field meetings worldwide, Lucerne ranks in the top 25 out of 800.

Long-distance Run
Man with Tribal Drums

Blue Balls Festival

Imagine a festival for both music and art. This is Blue Balls Festival, where over 100,000 people come to Lucerne for nine days in July to hear a variety of music and view different artwork. Held in the Culture and Convention Centre (KKL), the Pavillion and the Hotel Schweizerhof, this event features a mix of both worldly renowned artists and rising stars. With music ranging from blues to rock to pop and art ranging from photography to video, this is one of the best things to do in Lucerne during the summer.

Lucerne Festival in summer

Following Lucerne’s Easter Festival this is one of three well-known musical events hosted here. Similar to the Easter Festival held in the spring, famed orchestras, conductors, and soloists come together to showcase their musical talents at the Culture and Convention Centre (KKL). Stunning views of Old Town and the lake make this venue even more incredible for the music lover attendees. Offering special events for children, free performances, a lot of things to do and a large variety of musical genres ensures this event will be loved by all!

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