Lucerne Christmas market

Sparkling lights, gingerbread and mulled wine are some of the joys that come along with the annual Christmas Market, held for a couple weeks every December. There is a wide range of vendors that offer food, gifts and other desirable products. Given the variety of stores and attractions offered at this event it’ is great for all ages. It’s one of the best things to do in Lucerne in winter. Whether you have a short time during your lunch break or a longer time after work this event is sure to enhance all those holiday emotions!

Gift Shop
Christmas Lights

Lilu light festival Lucerne

At the beginning of every year Lucerne hosts a light installation event around the city. Embrace the beauty of this festival and walk around the city to view all the installations. Large light installations showcase the different colors used in these works of art. You are sure to be amazed by all of the beautiful ways the light can shine.

Luzern fasnacht

The Lucerne Carnival is considered to be the biggest annual event in Lucerne. It can also be known as one of the largest events in central Swizterland, On the Thursday morning of carnival people gather at five in the morning to hear the big bang. After this you can continue to watch the parade and embrace the celebration with fellow residents or friends. Being a first time visitor to this event it is quite magical as you experience the spirit of the city!

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